Falkland Islands Starlink Petition public meeting live-streamed presentation tonight

Please remember the Starlink Petition Group’s public meeting tonight in the Town Hall in Stanley, Falkland Islands. It is also being live-streamed on YouTube. Doors open at 18:00 Falklands time (22:00 UK time), and the presentation starts at 18:30 (22:30 UK time).

I would like to thank the team and all the others in the background who helped. In recent weeks, a tremendous amount of effort has gone into organising the Starlink Petition and the Town Hall event. Thanks guys!

Please join us as this looks to be an exciting and possibly game-changing meeting.

Chris Gare, OpenFalklands July 2024, copyright OpenFalklands

2 Replies to “Falkland Islands Starlink Petition public meeting live-streamed presentation tonight

  1. I saw this section in the Agenda of an up coming F I Development Board meeting minutes just published. Clearly all of the work by Open Falklands is having an impact as this is an FIG funded entity. Huge thanks for all your knowledge to push for change, Chris and team.

    5.3 Star link application
    ZF noted FIDC is currently in the process of applying for a licence for Star link given Shackleton
    house is in one of the worst locations in Stanley, and with one of the slowest internet
    connections. Should this be awarded, the intension is to be able to offer this to the Hillside
    cabins. It was noted the communications officer would be keen to know how this impacts
    the businesses

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