A proposed Falkland Islands Amateur Radio Society (FIARS)

It has been proposed by several Falkland Island hams that a new amateur radio society should be formed in the Falkland Islands that would be open to membership from any resident or non-resident individuals interested in amateur radio. A proposed name could be the ‘Falkland Islands Amateur Radio Society’ (FIARS).

Most countries have a national amateur radio society and many local clubs to get together socially or represent them with the regulatory authorities. In the UK the national society is the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and most UK ‘hams’ are a member.

The RAF Amateur Radio Society (RAFARS)
whose members hold many VP8 licenses.

The society would act as a group whereby anyone interested in amateur radio – whether they hold a VP8 licence or not, to get together to talk about radio and provide support and help to anyone that would like to gain a VP8 licence.

More importantly, it would create an authoritative and knowledgeable body that could truly represent Falkland Islands radio amateurs and is a body that the Communications Regulator could formally liaise with when considering amateur radio issues.

Anyone interested in forming such a society is asked to contact John Clifford, VP8CWQ. so John can gauge the level of interest, and arrange a meeting in the near future to discuss the ways this could be taken forward.

email: VP8CWQ@horizon.co.fk
telephone: +500 51111 or FB Messenger

4 Replies to “A proposed Falkland Islands Amateur Radio Society (FIARS)

  1. I would also be very keen to join and help in any way. Jim ex VP8CKP now 2E0TMM and also a member of RAFARS

  2. Sign me up!

    Madison Jones, still alive in my 1st life
    VP8WMJ [former lifetime call holder]

    1. Hi
      As secretary of RAFARS (I am the bearded one sitting down), I personally would be very willing to join up. The mail you sent through I have forwarded to four other RAFARS members that I know, for their response.
      The RAFARS Council will decide collectively for RAFARS to join or not.

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